Mirek Madl is in for a massage. He lays on the bed, wearing only his shorts. he is quickly joined by Filip Cervenka who will massage him. Filip takes some oil and massages it into Mirek’s back and shoulders. He straddles Mirek’s ass as his hands glide all over the back. Then Filip moves to the side, lowering Mirek’s underwear to expose his sexy ass. The hands work over that hairy ass and up the back. Filip reaches down between Mirek’s legs and rubs a hand over his cock and balls. Then he spreads the ass cheeks to check the hot hole. Mirek moves onto his knees so that his ass cheeks spread and Filip drips oil onto them. His hand rub the oil all over, pulling the cheeks apart and showing the hole. He reaches for Mirek’s cock and wanks on it down between his legs. His hands run over the ass and into the crack. Then he grabs Mirek’s balls as he wanks the cock some more. He then slips a finger into Mirek’s tight hole, fucking it in and out. The finger is soon replaced by a vibrator. It slips deep into Mirek’ tight ass and fucks it. Mirek then turns onto his back and Filip wanks the cock again, running his other hand over Mirek’s hot body. The wanking speeds up and the balls get very tight around the shaft of the stiff cock. The cock is so hard as Filip’s wanking speeds up and the cum squirts all over Mirek’s body. Every last drop is milked from the stiff dick.

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