Henri Nero agreed to a massage. He looks so good as he comes into the room wearing just his underwear and lay, face down, on the bed. He is soon joined by Filip Cervenka who takes some oil and gets to work massaging Henri’s back. His hands glide all over the back and up to Henri’s shoulders. Filip straddles Henri’s sexy ass as his hands work deep into the back muscles. Then, moving to the side, Filip’s hands slide into the underwear to work on Henri’s butt cheeks. He pulls the underwear off that sexy ass and applies his oiled hands to it. That smooth, sexy, ass looks so good and Filip’s hands work over it. He pulls the underwear from Henri’s legs and reaches down to pull the cock back between the spread legs. More oil is used to coat that ass and then down onto the cock and balls too. Filip reaches down and wanks on the cock a little, with the head glistening with oil. Then he spreads the ass cheeks giving a glimpse of Hneri’s tight hole. Henri moves onto his knees, with his heavy balls dangling between his legs as Filip rubs over that sexy ass. Filip reaches to wank on Henri’s thick cock, grabbing his balls too. That hot ass hole is shown as the cheeks spread naturally as Filip keeps wanking. As one hand wanks the other rubs over that sexy ass. A finger slips into Henri’s tight hole as well. His cock is rock hard from all the wanking and then he feels a vibrator slide into his tight hole as Filip continues to wank on the big cock. Then Henri turns onto his back and wanks himself, with his legs in the air to show more of that hot hole. Filip slips a finger back into the tight hole as Henri keeps wanking. The finger goes in so deep and Henri’s wanking speeds up. His hole is finger-fucked as his cock shoots the cum onto his belly. Then he drops his legs and milks his cock dry.

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