Milan Manek is up for a screentest with Bened Faust. We find them on the sofa will Milan sitting between Bened’s legs. Bened’s hands are feeling over Milan’s body and his lips caress his neck. Milan pulls off his tee shirt to expose his sexy chest as Bened’s hands run over it. Milan turns his head and they kiss. Then Milan lays back on the sofa and Bened opens and pulls down his shorts for him. He takes hold of Milan’s cock and starts to suck it. The cock quickly hardens in Bened’s mouth as his head bobs up and down. Then Bened gets naked too as Milan wanks himself. Bened goes back down on Milan’s cock and Milan reaches round to wank him. Bened’s dick is rock hard too as it is being wanked. Having sucked on Milan’s dick Bened then presents his ass that the hard cock to slide in. Milan gets behind him and his cock goes into the waiting hole. He fucks it slowly, with long strokes. Then, moaning as he fucks, he speeds up. Bened turns onto his back with his legs in the air and Milan slides his cock back into the eager hole He fucks it deep as Bened grabs his own cock and wanks it. Bened wanks fast and moans as his cock shoots a big, creamy, load all over his left thigh. Milan continues to fuck that sexy ass, speeding up as he works the hot hole. Then he pulls out and wanks him dick, shooting his hot cum over Bened’s still hard dick. Milan leans forward and kisses Bened before taking him off to the shower to clean up.

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