Str8Hell – Miro Matejka vs Kolja Muskanec – WRESTLING

Miro Matejka and Kolja Muskanec are paired up for a submission wrestling match. Then start, in just underwear, doing some stretching and warming up. Then it is on with the match. Soon they are rolling all over the mats, grappling to get a hold on each other. Kolja is the first to gain and advantage and wins the first round. Then it is off with the underwear and the guys wrestling naked. Asses spread and cocks flair as each tries to gain a good hold on the other. It takes a while and lots of effort but Miro wins round two and then the third as well. No quarter is given as each guy tries his best to get the upper hand. A lot of effort and much sweating gains Miro a 7-4 lead as they take a break to oil each other all over. Then the match resumes and it is Miro who manages to claim a hard fought victory. Then they settle down for a wank off. The wank each other for a while as well. Miro is the first to cum, moaning loudly as he does so. Kolja keeps wanking and he soon delivers his hot load..

STR8Hell – Peter Andre – HOT ASS

Peter Andre looks so sexy as he kneels on the sofa feeling all over his clothed body. It doesn’t take long until he has his chest bare and his hard cock out and in his hand. Then he strips completely, laying back on the sofa with his legs in the air to expose that hot ass. His cheeks are spread wide to show that tight hole as a helping hand arrives and drips oil. The hands rub the oil all over that sexy ass as Peter wanks his throbbing cock. Alan Carly is the helping hand and he feels all over the hot ass, taking more oil and dripping it on the hole. A finger rubs the oil over the hole and then slips inside. Peter continues to wank his cock as Alan’s finger probes his hole, going in nice and deep. The hands pull the cheeks even wider apart and then Peter turns over, onto his knees. More oil is applied to the ass as he wanks himself down between his legs. Alan’s finger slips back into the hot ass, fucking it right up to the knuckle. Alan takes a dildo and shoves it fully into Peter’s wa..

STR8Hell – Martin, Tomas, Romi, Mirek and Martin RAW – DUTY BOUND

In this Dream Set Duty Bound we find Mirek Madl working behind the bar with Alan Carly. Martin Polnak and Romi Zuska are enjoying a drink in the bar, and are joined by Martin Gajda and Tomas Fuk. They get to discussing Mirek who, it appears, is the new barman. The guys ask Alan to send Mirek down to the basement to get something, and they then leave to go downstairs themselves. Mirek duly goes downstairs looking around as he goes and he is quickly set about by the four guys who are hiding in wait. Then we see that the guys had gagged Mirek and shackled his wrists above his head. They all join in with running their hands all over his bare chest as he writhes and moans. Quickly they have him naked, with is cock rock hard and poking out in front of him. Everyone continues to feel all over Mirek, spanking him from time to time. They turn his around and Romi spanks his ass. All the hands keep grabbing at him, pulling his cheeks apart to check his hole. Romi wants to suck Mirek’s stiff dick ..

Str8hell – Mirek Madl – SPANKING

Mirek Madl is on the bed, wearing underwear and nothing else. He is tied up too and is struggling to get free. His tormentor arrives and starts to whip that hot body, pulling the underwear down too. As he struggles to avoid the punishment Mirek is turned onto he belly and gets it on his sexy ass. He keeps writhing and turning as the whip lands. Then clamps are attached to his nipples too as the torment continues. His legs are pulled in so that his hot ass can feel the heavy hand on it. The ass is spanked and whipped and Mirek’s underwear is pulled down exposing his cock too. Then he is surprised by a vibrator, and he struggles to prevent it going into his ass. But go in it does. working his tight hole. as he moans. He is moved onto his knees so the vibrator can work his hole some more. Then Mirek is laid on his back and allowed to wank his cock a little as shackles are applied. The clamps go back on the nipples too and then onto Mirek’s cock. Finally he is released and wanks himself to..

Str8hell – Bradley Cook – CFNM

Bradley Cook has an interview about a job. He walks into the office and sits to be interviewed by the woman. She asks him some questions, filling out a form with his answers. Bradley explains that he wishes to be a model and is asked some personal questions, about the size of his cock. Then the woman says she can check his health to be a model and tells Bradley to remove his clothes. he doesn’t have underwear on but the woman says that is fine. As he stands naked, his hands covering his cock and balls the woman begins to inspect him. Bradley’s hand hardly covers his big cock, as it starts to swell. Then he exposes it as the woman has to measure it. She tells him to get the cock fully hard as she wants to measure it like that. She takes hold of the cock and gently wanks it, and it soon gets hard. She blows on the cock and kisses it as she wanks it. She also rubs Bradley’s balls and then licks his cock too. Clearly she wants more and soon starts to suck that big cock. She sucks it and li..

Str8hell – Dusan Polanek – HOT ASS

Our sexy Dusan Polanek looks so good as he lays on the bed feeling himself. His cock is already hard in his pants, which bulge nicely. He removes his tee shirt to show off his hot chest and then grabs his dick through his pants. He lowers the pants some, to show his big, hard cock, which he grabs and starts to wank. That dick is so thick and rock hard as he plays with it. Dusan removes his pants and his legs are wide apart, giving a teashing look at his ass crack, as he wanks. He turns over, onto his knees, reaching back and pulling his ass cheeks apart, as his heavy balls dangle between his legs. He rubs his ass hole and then teases it with a finger. Then a helping hand arrives and drips oil onto Dusans hot ass. The hands rub the oil all over as Dusan wanks himself down between his legs. The hand slips a finger into that hot ass, fucking it in and out. Then the cheeks are pulled wide apart to show the hole before the finger goes back in. With the hole loosened a second finger joins th..

Str8hell – Kolja Muskanec – HOT ASS

Kolja Muskanec is one very hot guy. In this Dream Set we get to enjoy his hot ass. He looks so good as he stands, naked apart from his jockstrap, showing off his hot body. We enjoy the front view for a while before Kolja turns and shows his sexy ass. His hands reach for the cheeks, pulling them apart. Then he lays back, legs in the air to really show his hot, tight, hole. His fingers lightly rub over the hot hole, teasing us. He changes positions repeatedly to give some great views of his hole, contstantly caressing it with his fingers. Then a helping hand arrives and that hole really gets stretched. A vibrator is shoved deep inside, making Kolja’s feet curl. His hole gapes too as the toy is removed. He ends a wonderful video with his legs over his head, as the hands part his hot cheeks and Kolja wanks himself. That causes his hairy balls to tighten as his cum shoots onto his chest as his hot, well stretched hole is shown prominently. Download full video from:

STR8Hell – Martin And Tomas RAW – RAUNCHY

Martin Porter and Tomas Decastro are warm for every additional within this raunchy sex picture. The rapidly begin to get bare and are about the couch acquiring up a surprise Martin is tee-shirt coming off displaying an excellent chest. Because they hug Tomas seems throughout Martinis warm torso. Subsequently Tomas bears down his way the torso also. Their tee-shirt comes down aswell and Martinis fingers are over him. Tomas then feeds his rock solid dick and scarves Martin’s fingers behind him. Martin sucks about the throbbing penis, bobbing his head-on it. Tomas fucks it deeply into Martin’s mouth and forces the top completely along about the penis. He then draws down the pants and places Martin onto his legs. Prior to going right down to edge the small opening he makes Martinis butt only a little. Martin becomes around and proceeds to edge the pit. As he performs together with his pit he wanks Martin’s penis also. Subsequently Tomas fucks it difficult and shoves his penis deeply in to ..

STR8Hell – Voloda Medved – SPANKING

Voloda Medved is shackled, with his wrists high above him. He is also gagged and wearing just his underwear. Filip Cervenka arrives and start to beat on Voloda’s sexy chest, making him moan. He pulls on the nipples too and slaps the hairy chest. Voloda squirms as he tries to avoid hands and the whip, moaning all the while. His hot body looks so good as does the well-packed underwear. Filip keeps up the whipping, turning Voloda around to work on his back. His underwear is wedged into his ass crack so the cheeks can get the treatment too. Then nipple clamps are attached and pulled to increase the pain. His underwear is removed too, releasing his cock and balls. He it turned so that his hairy ass can be whipped and spanked. Voloda’s moaning gets even louder as he feels every stroke. Then the nipple clamps are removed and Filip attaches them to Voloda’s foreskin, pulling on it. That sexy chest gets more treatment and then he is moved to the training bench, sitting backwards to expose his a..

STR8Hell – Milan Manek – CFNM

Milan Manek is one hot man. He’s split up together with his partner, but she obviously is unhappy concerning the scenario and it has taken him and tied him towards the couch, sporting a jockstrap along with only a blindfold. She begin to mix his warm torso as she informs him about her discontent. She applies clothes clamps and pins to his nipples. Continuing using the mix she’s obviously likely to vent her wrath. She draws his penis and balls-out of the jockstrap and models with a few string about them. The penis of Milan gets very difficult and appears to benefit from the interest, therefore she hurts on it aswell. Then she’s ideas for his butt and becomes around him, utilizing a dildo. But her doesn’t fulfill, therefore she sets Milan on his again and fucks him with her strap-on, fucking it out and in of his warm pit and eliminating the dildo before long. She maintains operating his pit, fucking heavy and good before wanking the dick of Milan till it produces its’ hot load. Downloa..