Young blond fucker, Rasty Shut, is a student with two particular passions – playing the guitar and enjoying hard cock! Unfortunately, he doesn’t own his own musical instrument so he has to creep into John Hill’s room to strut a tune; at which point Hill unexpectedly returns and Shut has to hide under the bed. But every cloud has a silver lining, as they say; and before you know it Hill is laid out, stroking the deliciously handsome dick that he has stashed in his pants. At this point, Shut has two options – either wait for his buddy to finish jerking-off and make his escape afterwards, or make himself known and help Hill out with that thick, aching boner!

Needless to report, Shut chooses the latter of those options – pulling himself out from under the bed and immediately diving down onto Hill’s meaty ramrod. It’s a move that clearly meets with Hill’s approval, that’s for fucking sure; with Shut slobbering over every inch of that cock-head, before Hill promptly decides to return the favour. Neither boy content, however, they then proceed to enjoy a hot, sweaty 69 session on the bed; before Hill’s interest begins to turn to Shut’s sweet little fuck-hole, as he fingers the pucker in anticipation of the hardcore action to come.

Cue a tremendous session of sodomy, which sees Shut get just the kind of desperate penetration that a cute little blond lad like him surely deserves; culminating in both horned-up buddies taking it in turns to finally get their grubby little hands on the producer’s cash, by wanking out a couple of somewhat desperate wads of jizz to seal the deal!

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