Today I’ve brought back Buck because I’ve been getting requests for this stud so I asked him to stop by after work and he showed up like this! Watch as this typical straight Marine dives into the sexual escapades in the gay for pay world of Rob Navarro. Rob turns this straight Marine crazy over getting his dick sucked and eating out a smooth brown ass…. best part about it.. he got paid!
When Buck arrived in his uniform I was very impressed… and turned on because he looked pretty fucking hot! We made our way to my bedroom where I had everything set up and I actually got right down to business. No interview, no questions, nothing much said as I made my way to my knees in front of this stud ready to suck his cock.
It didn’t take long before I had Buck rock hard and getting extremely horny by the whole episode. Next Buck couldn’t keep his hands off my ass and soon he had his face buried in that brown smooth ass and I knew it was a matter of time before he was going to bump it up and fuck my ass! But it was not to happen today.
Next I stood him up and made him get into a parade rest position as I continued my attack at Buck’s cock. Little by little I was beginning to break him down and he actually began saying things like… you like that dick? you want me to lick that ass? just dirty things that were driving me crazy as I gave myself him and sucked him to the very end.
Before long I was in a frenzy of cock sucking and Buck was becoming more and more excited as he knew himself that it was only a matter of time before Rob was going to milk that juice like the pro that he was. Buck began to shift in his seat, point his toes and feet and grab hold of the bed as he released his load with a load roar and I was the recipient of a beautiful white jizz that made him quite happy!

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