Michael continues to be deviant, chained, bare, to some real anchor, his fat, delicious penis and balls flopped within the waist of his aussieBum jock. He’s blindfolded, in night that is complete, so he’s no idea what’s available for him, till he seems the very first clothespin chunk into his breast – then another . “ rdquo Fuck!&; he growls certainly between gasps of discomfort. Their moans get higher as Jared photos twelve hooks on balls and his penis. But he s however deviant – than others is positioned about the end-of his penis when an alligator hold having spring. One hour later jerkoff and Jordan is requested to get rid of the hooks. The hooks are gingerly removed by him with one palm that is free. The discomfort is incredible as body pushes back to the injuries, but Jordan nevertheless sends an enormous weight of cum out from his huge, erect penis.

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