top-man Jared, accustomed to being the man using the mix, to providing others discomfort, lies moaning about the stand, his stunning abs trembling, his lengthy hands extended and veiny, his fingers turning orange. He doesn’t understand it s been hrs, although how long he s been extended on his in pain. He appears over and hears actions. It s his grasp! He’s a display of wish, however recognizes what’s in rsquo & his grasp;s palm, the bullwhip that is braided, probably the most unpleasant undoubtedly. “Number, Jared, I’m not below to release your ties , the person says cranks the stand even stronger. As his back exercises Jared shouts. Then your mix comes crashing down onto his slim, body that is extended. No one, and no one is meant by us, suffers like Jared.

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