I have to admit, that after his smoking hot introductory video, I was anxious to see Thomas put that hot body in action. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Coed Demi couldn’t keep her hands off him! As soon as they were in the same room together, they started kissing and fondling each other – we had to remind them to wait for the cameras!As soon as we gave them the green light it was on – her clothes come off and his mouth was on her,eating her out then 69-ing. Thomas grows bigger and bigger in her mouth and when he’s rock hard he tells her he wants to fuck. She bends over for him and he proceeds to go at it like champ!

I knew from his solo that this guy could fuck – but that didn’t make watching it any less enjoyable! He power-drills into her doggy-style then flips her over and jackhammers into her from above. Laying her sideways, Thomas stares down at her ass as he goes at it, sucks on her tits, and looks down at his cock going in and out of her as he talks dirty to the very pleased girl. The only time he relents is to pull out and drop his load on her ass!

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