Ok, so Liam’s dick looked hot in his solo – but it looks even hotter here when we see how truly thick it is as it’s being worked over by our coed!

She’s also pretty impressed by it and treats it accordingly. She pulls out his thick dick and goes down on it. She licks and sucks it then slowly sits on its girth. Then it’s time for her to have the real fun as she grinds and hops on it while he lies there and stares up at her big tits and the huge smile on her face that he’s giving her.

Flipping her on her back, Liam pounds away at her, kissing her passionately between thrusts. He brings it down to a slow, thrusting groove, then ramps up the intensity again. Bailey gets on all fours so Liam can fuck her doggy-style. She tells him to tell her when he’s ready to cum and then he gets another look at that big smile and bigger tits – as he drenches them in cum.

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