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Spritzz – Language Lesson Becomes Gangbang Session Part 1

Cast: Luke Tyler, Oscar Roberts, Jack Green, Casper Ellis While Kimi and Drake are getting into their spontaneous fun next door, four industrious students are cramming new vocabulary. Much more fun than learning new words is practicing their snogging technique. When angelic Casper starts pressing his tongue into his study-buddy Luke, caution is thrown to the wind and the lads quickly change tack from shared study to sharing body fluids… Direct Download

NextDoorBuddies – Introducing Matt Delgado – Scotty Zee And Matt Delgado

Scotty Zee gets a crack at a stripped down style of scene as Next Door introduces a tall drink of water in Matt Delgado. Matt is long in all the right places, and Scotty takes his time discovering all of Matt’s secret spots. Matt proves he can give as good as he gets, showing off his cock sucking skills as he downs Scotty’s cock. Scotty eats his ass before beding him over and giving Matt his first dick on camera, and Matt takes it like a champ. Proving he’s not a one trick pony, Matt then flips Scotty over and fucks him doggy style, holding Scotty by his shoulders as he thrusts deeper and deeper inside of him, before pulling out and shooting his load from Scotty’s stomach to his face, coating him entirely as he strokes his own hot load onto his stomach. Scotty is covered in jizz and ready for the showers as Matt stands over him, cock drained and assured that this won’t be a one time affair.Enjoy! Direct Download

MenOver30 – Steven Ponce & Alessio Romero – A Sexy Beast

Steven may not have the skills for this job but he has come up with a sneaky way to get what he wants. First he shows up late to the interview and Alessio wants to know why he has come for a job interview without the right qualifications. The only answer he can give Alessio is that he will and can do anything for this great opportunity. Alessio takes him to task and grabs his tie to pull him real close and forces him down on his knees so he can see just how hard he needs to try for this job. Face fucked hard and fast Alessio is making use of this opportunity and he’s dominating Steven to the fullest extent. Steven wants it all and Alessio is being so rough with his tight ass that he’s using the tie around Steven as a choke chain. In Stevens mind the interview is going great and he loves the cock in all his holes but Alessio is not even close to being done with this interview. Enjoy! Direct Download

MaleReality – My Boyfriend Is Gay #09, Scene #01 – Chris Hollander And Drago Lambert

MaleReality – My Boyfriend Is Gay #09, Scene #01 – Chris Hollander And Drago Lambert Direct Download

LatinBoyz – Vergas Grandes Prankster

Age 19 – Height 6? 3? – Weight 155 lbs. – Mexican-American Thursday, May 4th 2017 – This Thursday New Amateur Video We first noticed 19 year old Prankster shooting hoops at a local park and were surprised at how quickly he said yes to our offer for nude modeling. We made the offer without knowing what he was packing. But we were pretty confident that someone who is 6? 3? would probably have a nice dick and he didn’t disappoint. That’s why we love vergas grandes! As you can see he has a big veiny uncut cock which comes in handy because his favorite hobby is fucking. His biggest turn on is having his ear bitten. His biggest turn off is having his feet licked. Direct Download

IconMale – Zack Grayson And Justin Dean

Justin Dean & Zack Grayson are sharing a room in college. Justin was nervous about having to share a room with someone he doesn’t know, but to his surprise he actually enjoys Zack’s company. He is actually quite the perfect guy. It’s too bad he’s straight and has a girlfriend. One night Zack comes home and tells Justin that he got dumped. Justin explains how he’s there for him emotionally and physically. Zack confesses how he’s been curious about what it would be like to fuck a guy. They start kissing which leads to sucking each other’s dicks then, finallly, some hot fucking. Once Zack bursts into climax he realizes he will not be going back to women ever again! Direct Download

HotHouse – Blindfolded – Jacob Taylor And Gabe Steele

Gabe Steele is on his hands and knees with his back arched when Jacob Taylor finds him blindfolded on the bed. After massaging and teasing Gabe’s body, Jacob tears a massive hole in the ass of Gabe’s briefs. As soon as Jacob see’s Gabe’s awaiting hole, he dives in tongue first. With his hole slick with spit Gabe is lead off the bed and down onto his knees again, where his lips are met with the pulsating cock head of Jacob’s uncut tool. In swift, eager sluprs, Gabe gulps down Jacob’s swollen member until he gets bent over the bedframe taking powerful thrusts from Jacob’s cock. Jacob lays Gabe down on the bed and lays down his cock into Gabe’s fuck hole continuing to pump intensely. Unable to hold back, Gabe shoots his load onto his scruffy abs where Jacob adds his thick load to the mix. Coated in cum, Jacob kisses Gabe and leaves him blindfolded waiting for more. Direct Download

HardKinks – Breeding The Twink Slave – Abraham Montenegro, James Silver And Yago Sinner

braham has hunted a new submissive and takes him to the house of his new dominant buddy, James. They’re going to give him a frenzied kinky session of domination, feet, spit, to finally breed the little piggy. Direct Download

FistingCentral – Hole Busters Vol. 7 Scene #02 – Jimmy Durano And Jordano Santoro

Jimmy Durano has Jordano Santoro right where he wants him: bound to a bench with tape over his mouth. Santoro struggles as Durano taunts him with a huge dildo but they both know it’s going in Santoro’s ass. Durano coats the giant latex cock with lube and works it into his fuck-buddy’s hole. Durano grinds the toy around, massaging Santoro’s guts then orders him to flip over so he can see the pig-bottom’s huge bubble-butt. He takes the anal beads and works them one at a time inside Santoro’s ass until all five balls disappear. Durano walks out, leaving Santoro with his ass packed full of the giant latex toy. Direct Download

AlphaMaleFuckers – Ben Brown and Randy Jones

Straight Bodybuilder Randy Jones Fucks Muscle Cub Ben Brown There’s something about having a straight man. It’s forbidden and taboo and perhaps that’s why we want it so badly. Muscle cub Ben Brown, who plays Spanner, shows us just how much our desire for straight men will drive us. In this installment of Trojan’s Handymen’s sexual escapades, Randy gets Spanner naked; not that it would have taken much. Spanner is about to go one hell of a ride mounted firmly on Randy’s enormous cock! So, after Spanner sucks him off, he gets flipped on his back and his hairy hole is played with, spit on, and penetrated by Randy’s huge slab of throbbing beef. Randy gets very vocal and calls Spanner his bitch and his boy but we don’t hear the bottom muscle cub complaining. He just takes it all, panting and groaning and taking it like a hungry manhoe. When neither can hold back any longer, Randy shoots all over Ben’s beard and the greedy muscle cub shoots his own jizz soon after. Direct Download

SeanCody – Bareback- Hunter & Aidan

“I want more!” Aidan said after Hunter had given him a good fucking. Hunter laughed. He wanted to go again too. His big, beautiful balls were ready! Direct Download

YoungBastards – Taurus dick for hungry French bottom – Mathieu Ferhati & Tony Forza

Mathieu Ferhati proves once again that he’s Franceis best fucker. Under the pressure from his big dick, every single ass opens wide and begs for mercy. This newcomer fucker, a handsome French bottom, has to bite his lips hard while taking that big dick deep in his ass. Mathieu destroys it, fucking like the wild bull he is. Direct Download

WilliamHiggins – Filip Sebek – HELPING HAND

Filip Sebek is aged 21 and lices in Teplice. This very sexy straight guy is a waiter who enjoys sports, athletics and soccer. He looks very good indeed as he sits on the sofa for his interview. Then Filip leans back and begins to feel his body. He removes his sweather to show off a very nice chest. He also opens his jeans and reaches inside with one hand as the other runs over his chest. He is soon joined by a helping hand who stands behind him and begins to massage oil into that sexy chest. As the hands work on his chest Filip massages his underwear, feeling his hardening cock. Filip Cervenka is the helping hand and he pulls off Filip’s jeans. The underwear bulges with that hard cock and soo the hands are on it, pulling the balls out too. Then the stiff cock is poking out the waistband and is coated in oil. The underwear is removed and more oil is applied to the big, hard, cock. Then hand take hold of the cock and wank it gently, rubbing the balls too. Then Filip’s legs are pulled int..

DominicFord – Jaxton Dominates Coby

Vegas Domination is back with a brand new scene and it is HOT! Jaxton Wheeler is the ultimate Dom: he’s naturally masculine, muscular, hairy, hung, and aggressive. In this scene, he uses muscle jock Coby’s body, mouth, and ass for his pleasure until they both squirt their loads. Direct Download

EastBoys – Alcide Ricci – Big Dick, Solo Action Part One

Who loves nice thick monster cock? If you do, then you should love latest Alcide Ricci’s video, where he pulls out hos massive dick out in the public park, playing with it, before relocating to relative safety of a moving car. Well fun will continue in the shower soon! Direct Download

JasonSparks – Maxx Simms & Scott DeMarco Bareback in Nashville

Maxx Simms is a lucky guy – for his first time on camera he’s with the ever sexy Scott DeMarco. The two bearded hotties embrace and kiss. Maxx is soon on his knees worshiping Scott’s mighty thick cock. The cock is soon fucking his ass bare – Maxx has great tattoos on his back as Scott can check out with him on all fours as he fucks him. Scott breeds a huge load deep inside the furry faced Maxx which he is stoked to receive! Direct Download

Helix – Park & Play – Corbin Colby & Landon Vega

Landon Vega picks up Corbin Colby for their first date and from the get go these two hotties can’t keep their hands off each other! The boys are rock hard and it’s making it tough to drive to they pull over and pull out their cocks! Corbin is a contortionist getting the best angle in the cramped passenger seat and devours Vega’s cock right there on the side of the road! The boys realize they need more room if Corbin’s cock is gonna be able to stretch out to full mast so they bring it back to Landon’s and let their lust fly! Corbin’s giant is truly one of the seven wonders of porn and Landon treats it accordingly, worshipping on his knees like a dick devotee. Colby’s always been an amazing giver (in more ways than one) lavishing loving licks on Landon’s loins, front and beautiful back door. He kindly loosens Landon with a few fingers before bringing home the bacon. Raw, hard cock is driven into Landon and the latin lad loves every second of it. Great camera angles highlight Colby’s big ..

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