All Black

All Black

BreedItRaw – Rio & Kendall HOT

Rio and Kendall turned New York City out-watch Rio demolish the thick and sexy Kendal and give his hole a pounding he will never forget! Download full video from:

DawgPoundUSA – Fuck’n Emergency – Eddie Diaz & Vice

Download full video from:

Taggaz – King Pharaoh and Holliwud

Big Splash! Ft. King Pharaoh and Holliwud Download full video from:

DawgPoundUSA – Ruff Ride featuring RuffNReady and Xavier

From the summer streets of the Bronx emerges new star RuffnReady, and this muthafucka got enough lust for a small army. Cutie Xavier breaks the newbie in good, taking all his dark chocolate manhood deep inside that luscious pink asshole of his. Spotlight on intense closeups of all the fuck’n action. Download full video from:

KameoEntertainment – Get It In featuring Kameo and XL

It is generally accepted that for an adult-oriented clip to have maximum impact (that is, hold the attention span of its intended viewer), it should typically not exceed 10 minutes on average. Apparently Kameo from didn’t get that memo. His productions tend to run on with laborious effort, with whole clips sometimes devoted to a single sex act (rimming, oral, anal). While it is true that the scene is typically augmented by different camera angles (no more than three), it still adds up to a pretty lengthy ordeal. Depending on the taste of most porn connoisseurs, this may either be heaven on earth or a new low in internet-ready erotica. Either way, the man clearly loves his art and is determined to pay as much attention to it as his own endurance and artistic license permit. Enjoy! Download full video from:

GrabAss – The HR meeting

I had had it! I can’t take it anymore. The boss has finally crossed the line. I talked to HR today and we set up a meeting. I was going to have a one on one with him today, but when I got there The Boss was in the room with the HR guy! WTF! He sat us down and then the HR guy asked the Boss to tell his side of the story. But this was supposed to be about me airing my grievance and he goes first?! Then the boss started telling the HR guy that I forced his hand on my ass, I didn’t do that. He sexually harassed me by rubbing my chest and playing with my nipples, but he played it off like I had an itch and he was doing me a favor. He even made the HR guy think that I was the one who grabbed his dick and put it on my wrist to say “ Hey it’s 5 o’cock!” I mean really what the fuck! The HR guy took the bosses side and made me do sexual harassment sensitivity training and that if I didn’t complete them that I would be fired. This sucks! The next day the boss showed up in crutches and he got stuc..

BangBangBoys – Neo Barebangs Andy Star

Andy is on the balcony enjoying the view – all the while craving raw cock. He makes a call and before you know it hung stud Neo walks through the door. He can’t wait to shove that cock in his mouth. Neo pulls his handsome face far down onto his cock – Andy gags and chokes. Neo flips him over to rim his perfect ass – getting it ready to receive his thick beast of a dick. Andy’s hole is good and ready and he climbs onto that cock and bounces – swallowing every inch with a grin and a grimace. It feels good – really good – insanely good and Andy cums all over himself while Neo is filling his hole. Now Neo takes charge and keeps barebanging Andy until Andy’s hole is covered in Neo’s cum. Download full video from:

DawgPoundUSA – Slay’n Ass ft. Slayer and Cassidy

Download full video from:

BlackBoyAddictionz – Meeting Migo’s Monster

Download full video from:

CollegeDudes – Ian Marks And Mike Maverick

Ian Marks and Mike Maverick are taking their time with each other, kissing gently and slowly undressing as they get to know each other’s bodies, Ian placing kisses along Mike’s chest and abs. Ian kisses his way down to Mike’s cock, taking it in his mouth and sucking it as Mike grows harder in his mouth. Mike goes down on Ian next as Ian lies back and enjoys feeling Mike’s lips around his shaft and Mike’s tongue on his balls while Ian plays with Mike’s ass, fingering his hole. They 69, each guy with a cock in his mouth until they’re hard and ready to fuck and Mike climbs on top of Ian and puts his hips over Ian’s fat cock, lowering his ass onto Ian’s prick. Mike rides Ian’s throbbing dick while Mike strokes his own thick member. Ian cups Mike’s perfect ass and watches him jerk himself off as he fucks him fast and deep, making sure Mike feels every inch of cock inside of him until he shoots his load all over Ian! As Ian pulls out of Mike’s tight ass he strokes his dick, pulling on his l..

TimTales – Josh West and Race Cooper

Josh and Race are long time colleagues as Pornstars in the big Porn industry. So it's strange that they have never shot a video before together. Well, we are not a major Porn Company, but we have the first episode with Josh and Race ;-) We actually had not planned to shoot the entire scene in the bathroom, but the two...

HarlemHookups – Throat Training

So all of US have those times that people would like to observe how many dicks we are able to pull before we block in cum......Well atleast I actually do lol. This very day... Length: 475 MiB Duration: 25mn 28s 810ms Video: AVC at 2 239 Kbps, Aspect: 854 x 480 (1.779) Audio: AAC at 256 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels,...

NextDoorEbony – Trent, Scene #01

This Really Is Trent, and also youare fortunate enough to get been asked into his intercourse lair. Both of you're alone nowadays and Trent is actually looking at the watch from his collection, utilizing a set of high-powered binoculars as you appear. while you enter, he feels your existence and disrobes. By pressing herself throughout he starts. Prefer that which...

BlakeMason – 18 Year Old Kai & His 9 Inch Uncut One – Kai Riley

BlakeMason - 18 Year Old Kai & His 9 Inch Uncut One - Kai Riley

London lad Kai is a horny guy with a lot of cock. There’s a lot of other things about him we love, including that hot and tight body and that versatile arse, but lets be honest that’s one amazing dick! He’s packing 9 inches of dark meat that we can’t wait to see being shared with some of the...

MachoFucker – Jack, Zulu – Jack-Slamming

MachoFucker - Jack, Zulu - Jack-Slamming

Butch Brazilean Machofucker ZULU, one of RUFF-RIDER`s real life-buddies from beautiful Rio de Janeiro, loves to slam boy-butt. Today he is pounding-out JACK`s firm, little butthole, making the Favelado moaning and groaning and biting the pillow. A true "Jack-slamming" with ZULU, the straight, Brazilean Top who won`t stop fucking until he busts his nut. Length: 472 MiB Duration: 10mn 46s 613ms Video: MPEG-4...

NextDoorEbony – Cock Cravings – Red A, Kyd Leo

NextDoorEbony – Cock Cravings – Red A, Kyd Leo

Kyd Leo is over at Red’s place this afternoon. These two guys have only been friends for a couple weeks and this is the first time they’re having lunch together. Red suspects Kyd Leo is interested in him sexually, but doesn’t wanna look foolish by making a move on him. So when Kyd Leo shows up and asks Red if...

PrideStudios – No More Blue Balls – Jay Alexander, Jordan Belford

PrideStudios – No More Blue Balls – Jay Alexander, Jordan Belford

Jay and Jordan are talking about their shitty dates from the past few weeks and how neither one of them have been laid which is resulting in both of them having blue balls. Once it becomes apparent that they both have blue balls and are single they look at each other in silence than realize this is there chance...

MEN – Captain America – A Gay XXX Parody – Part 4 – Alex Mecum Fucks XL

MEN - Captain America - A Gay XXX Parody - Part 4 - Alex Mecum Fucks XL

Captain America (Alex Mecum) lets Bucky get away and runs into Fury (XL). They are in disagreement about who’s side Captain should be on but the one thing they both agree on is how well they work together and Fury wastes no time reminding him. The only exchange needed now involves their rock hard dicks. Length: 170 MiB Duration: 25mn 41s...

HarlemHookUps – Bareback Morning

HarlemHookUps – Bareback Morning

I like to wake up just before sunrise and climb on the roof and watch the sun come up. Usually I’m up before Gencho. I watch him from the roof half awake. He usually wakes up playing with his dick. Now that has fucked me raw he can’t get enough of my raw hole. The night before we had...

MachoFucker – Mandingo Fantasy

MachoFucker - Mandingo Fantasy

White suburbian Afrikaaner lives out his "Mandingo Dream" using the Nigerian colossus who named herself the same as this fantasy is known as: Mandingo. ***Only Months following this manufacturing we obtained the horrible information this healthful and healthy giant of the guy had handed-absent underneath the many heartbreaking circumstances.*** R.I.P. - Big Man Length: 682 MiB Duration: 16mn 1s 728ms Video: MPEG-4 Visual at...

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