Left in the room with no master, cock hungry Charley has no choice but to find his own pleasure to satisfy his hole. Chained to the wall and unable to leave, the giant dildos strewn around the room are his only source of fun, and taking one of the biggest, thickest to start, he licks, sucks and makes it wet enough to slide into his butt. Undoing his leather pants, his big cut dick falls out as he strokes it harder and harder, the huge dick now solid in anticipation of the ass stretching he’s about to endure. The doggy bowl of lube is pulled closer, the stringy liquid wrapping around each toy in turn as it’s used inside his hole, building up to bigger and bigger ones as he then flips himself upside down, jerking his dick over his face, ass to the camera as he fucks himself hard and fast, matching the motion of his jerking until he shoots over his smooth chest, keeping the black dick deep inside all the while, his giant dick still twitching and solid as he cleans the cum from him, eating every drop from himself.

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