He had been bouncing around from one halfway house to another, for good reason. He just couldn’t lay off the stuff. As hard as he tried. I kinda felt sorry for him. He showed up at the door homeless after we had chatted on the phone, and my heart was filled with compassion. Also, I thought he looked like he might be a good cocksucker. We were temporarily out of beds, so I told him to crash on the couch and gave him a few chores to complete. It’ll be a while before his insurance kicks in, and he understood the generosity going on.

Not really to my surprise, by mid-morning his shit was still all over the floor and he hadn’t completed the few simple tasks assigned, one of which was to clean out the ashtrays and sweep the porch. I called him into the living room, in front of his pile of stuff, and asked him why he hadn’t done his chores. This dumbass didn’t even remember what he was supposed to have done. So, of course, I throw a full ashtray at him and tell him to clean up the butts. Then I have him light a cigarette. After he had taken a few puffs I took the fag and had a few puffs myself, ashing on his chest as I smoked.

Needless to say, the next pole he had in his mouth was my cock. Turns out I was correct – he really is pretty good at sucking dick for a str8 boy. After a long nice BJ, I fuck him. His ass doesn’t look virgin at all, which was a bit of a surprise. His hole felt tight like a virgin, though. Who knows. At any rate it felt good to me, and he hated it. I fucked him in several different positions until he was loose enough to start riding me. By this point his fuck hole was filled with lube and felt fucking amazing. He rode me until he got me very close, and then I decided to cum in his mouth instead of his hole – I’ll leave that for another time. After I came, there was a lot of jizz still dripping down my shaft, and I made him lick it all clean.

The ending of the vid is great – he looks at me with those puppy dog eyes and says he is sorry, as my jizz is dripping from his lower lip down his chin. Now that’s the kind of apology I like!

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