RagingStallion – FX Rios, Bennett Anthony, Aaron Reese – Destroyer, Scene 3

Aboard the RSS ‘Destroyer’, FX Rios and Aaron Reese manhandle some hefty cargo. It’s a tough job to do, but Bennett Anthony lounges in the background without helping. ‘What are you, a lazy cocksucker?’ asks FX. ‘Yeah, you got half that right,’ says Bennett, kneeling before his shipmates. Without missing a beat, FX whips out his huge cock and shoves it down Bennett’s throat. Aaron whips his dick out for Bennett too. Milking FX and Aaron’s cocks at the same time, Bennett works up a heavy sweat that soaks through his shirt and drenches his tattooed, hairy chest. Standing up, Bennett lowers his Navy blues, revealing his own massive cock and fire-red bush. Bending over the cargo container, Bennett receives a vigorous rim job from Aaron while deepthroating FX’s meat. With Bennett’s hole wet and slick, Aaron drives his fat cock deep inside, causing Bennett’s muscled ass to bounce with each thrust. After fucking Bennett’s face, FX is ready to get in on some anal action, so he trades places wit..

MEN – Philip Zyos Fucks Pierre Fitch – Charmed

Pierre Fitch and Philip Zyos get passionate in ‘Charmed’. A heavy make-out session turns to dick sucking and ass-licking fun before the main event. Philip fits snugly within Pierre’s hole, gently moving in and out of the Canadian stud until both can’t contain their cum. Download full video from:

NextDoorOriginal – Jake Davis & Alex Mecum

As a student, Jake Davis definitely has potential on the piano. His desire and focus both are apparent, but instructor Alex Mecum thinks what’s missing is the feeling. Jake doesn’t seem to really understand what Alex is talking about, so Alex ‘s tutoring is required in other areas of Jake’s life. Unsure of how he’ll be recieved, Alex tries to keep it professional, but Jake is determined to acquire the experience needed to round into form, so he asks Alex to show him the way. Alex realizes the trust between a student and teacher goes a long way, so he tries to instill that trust in Jake. As they embrace, Jake’s heart flutters and feelings he’s never felt well up inside him. Alex is considerate of the situation, equal parts gentle and firm, and he takes special care to show Jake all the ins and outs, while Jake pays close attention, taking it all in, until their feelings for one another can no longer be contained, exploding in a mixture of passion and play as they collaborate to create s..

Bromo – Ali & Alexander Gustavo – Dirty Rider 2 Part 3

Alexander Gustavo and Ali love the outdoors as well as a good fuck. So it comes as no surprise that they start fucking while on their adventures. They start off by jerking themselves off side by side and before long, Alexander is deep-throating Ali’s big dick and vice-versa. Ali then properly rims Alexander’s hot ass before sliding in raw. Download full video from:

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GayHoopla – Derek Jones FUCKS Collin Simpson’s Bubble BUTT

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BareTwinks – Austin Hill & Cameron Hilander – A Hot Load In His Spanked Ass!

New boy Austin is so adorable you just want to spank him and teach him a lesson! His cute geeky friend Cameron has the tools for the job! The boys bare behind is soon taking a spanking as Cameron uses the paddle on the boys ass, and after feeding the sore young man his hairy cock he sinks his meat right into him, raw! Austin loves it, his red cheeks are parted and he’s soon riding that cock and taking it deep at the edge of the bed, getting his hot juicy load fucked out of him and taking Cameron’s jizz in his pucker! Download full video from:

GayRoom – ShowerBait – Shower Voyeur – Bennett Anthony & Brendan Phillips

Shower Voyeur – feature Bennett Anthony & Brendan Phillips – Guy secretly sets up spy camera to watch his straight buddy take a shower but gets caught and fucked instead Download full video from:

WilliamHiggins – Peter Lipnik – SESSION STILLS

Peter Lipnik is from Prague. This handsome 18 year old straight guy is a student who enjoys sports, fitness and bodybuilding. Peter looks so good and he loves to pose for the camera, so as he begins to strip he does a lot of posing to let us enjoy that hot body. He turns too, as he strips, to show his sexy ass. His bodybuilding has worked so well and Peter loves to show his muscles off. So he poses in his underwear before showing his soft cock. Then we get more posing, with flexed biceps. Then Peter bends and spread his cheeks to show off his hot hole. His cock is hard and points skywards as he does more posing. Then he gives us more of his sexy ass. He is one very hot guy and really knows how to present that hot body. Download full video from:

WilliamHiggins – Wank Party 2016 #02 RAW – BACKSTAGE

Actors: Bradley Cook, Erik Drda, Petr Cernyka, Petr Plodner We saw a lovely Wank Party (2016 #2) a while back that featured Petr Plodner, Bradley Cook, Erik Drda and Petr Cernyka. Now we have a backstage video made at the same time. This shows us the guys getting ready for their scene. Erik and Petr C in the shower, and then some prepping with a dildo as well as wanking to get hard. The guys interact well with the crew as they work through the scene, to give us a nice insight on how everything works in a shoot. Download full video from:

BFUploads – Straight Glock Licks His Cum From His Cock!

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HotGuysFuck – Brett Lucci Fucks Stacy

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Str8Hell – Miro Matejka vs Kolja Muskanec – WRESTLING

Miro Matejka and Kolja Muskanec are paired up for a submission wrestling match. Then start, in just underwear, doing some stretching and warming up. Then it is on with the match. Soon they are rolling all over the mats, grappling to get a hold on each other. Kolja is the first to gain and advantage and wins the first round. Then it is off with the underwear and the guys wrestling naked. Asses spread and cocks flair as each tries to gain a good hold on the other. It takes a while and lots of effort but Miro wins round two and then the third as well. No quarter is given as each guy tries his best to get the upper hand. A lot of effort and much sweating gains Miro a 7-4 lead as they take a break to oil each other all over. Then the match resumes and it is Miro who manages to claim a hard fought victory. Then they settle down for a wank off. The wank each other for a while as well. Miro is the first to cum, moaning loudly as he does so. Kolja keeps wanking and he soon delivers his hot load..

DebtDandy 167

Unlike the boy from the previous video, this one had a very nice apartment. He lived in there with his girlfriend and they together turned the place into something beautiful. Too bad he couldn’t keep track of his expenses and then he tried his luck in a casino. 25 500 was the sum he needed from me. I had no problem with that. He was a tough guy covered in tattoos and yet he looked so cute. At first he rejected my offers, he didn’t want to cheat on his girlfriend. I will never understand this argument. Don’t they know it doesn’t count? Finally, he took care of my cock very gently. He was inexperienced but tried his best. We had some difficulties with his tight ass but when I got inside, it felt amazing. Tight virgin asses always do. Download full video from:

Taggaz – Aston and Redrum

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Taggaz – Homemade and LA

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TheGuySite – TGS361 – Worlds Hairiest Ass – Will

I hired Will for the site after having only seen a fully clothed picture of him. His handsome face and chest hair poking out the top of his shirt were all I needed to know that I wanted him naked. What a pleasant surprise! He’s got a great naturally beefy body with hair everywhere. Best of all, He’s got probably the hairiest ass I’ve ever seen. Download full video from:

TimTales – Vadim Romanov & Ken Summers

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TimTales – Tim Kruger & Richard

Tim was coming back from the gym, all buffed and horny as hell, ready to give his massive cock to a newcomer. This Tuesday we are introducing Richard, a sexy bottom from Brazil with a bubble butt defying gravity like we love them. Tim dominates and ravages his hole with such vigor. Enjoy Download full video from: